DC Comics: Joker 1/32 Slot Car

DC Comics: Joker 1/32 Slot Car

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This is the Scalextric Joker 1/32 Slot Car. This car features working lights and is also Digital Plug Ready (DPR) for easy digital conversion.

The Joker has been one of Batman's worst enemies since his first appearance in 1940. The Clown Prince of Crime typically sports green hair and a purple suit, and has a notoriously wide red grin, all featured in this themed vehicle. Is this Joker inspired car fast and crazy enough to escape the Caped Crusader?

This car will work on most 1/32 analog (non-digital) sets, such as Carrera, Ninco, SCX and more. It can be made compatible with Scalextric digital sets using a digital conversion chip.

•Digital Plug Ready
•Easy Change Pick-Ups
•Super-Resistant Body
•Working Rear Lights
•Xenon Effect Headlights
•Scale: 1/32